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Floor Preparation – Diamond Grinding Services Christchurch

We offer a wide range of floor preparation services for repair and replacement.


If you are fitting out a new building, require a floor to be cleaned up or levelled before or after a leasing period, or just want to improve the condition and look of your floor, give us a call.


We can complete your entire re-flooring project from beginning to end, or perform any floor preparation stages that you require.


Removal of old floor coverings / preparation grinding

We can remove your old or damaged floor coverings - carpet, tiles, vinyl, timber, ceramic tiles removal etc. We do this with minimal damage to the floor beneath, and can then grind back any leftover glue, mortar, or grouting etc. that remains for a smooth finish.

Floor levelling

We’ll level uneven concrete floors and exterior surfaces (driveways, paths, etc.) through use of levelling compounds in order to correct any depressions, bumps, etc. in your surface and give you a smooth, even result.


We can apply floor topping to smooth new or old concrete floors in readiness for vinyl, carpet or other floor coverings


If your existing concrete floor is looking worn or scratched, we can add / restore its look and enhance its durability with polishing.

General repairs

If you’ve got problems with cracks, impact damage, raised slabs or separated joints, we can sort them out for you to ensure your floor continues to look good and, more importantly, stays 

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