Polished Concrete

Thanks to advanced polishing equipment and techniques, polished concrete has become perhaps the ultimate flooring material:

• An attractive look
• Hard-wearing
• Easy to clean
• Never requires waxing or coatings

We grind new or old concrete floor surfaces to a high gloss finish.

Both commercial and residential building owners are now frequently choosing polished concrete floors over traditional floor options like granite, marble, tile and linoleum - the key reason for this is ease of maintenance. Not only are polished concrete floors easy to clean (requiring only occasional damp mopping), but they also hold up very well to heavy vehicle and foot traffic, making them suitable for:

• Private residences
• Office buildings
• Warehouses
• Retail stores
• Hotels and restaurants
• Auto showrooms

…and more.

What’s Involved?

What’s Involved?
Polished concrete is grinding new or old concrete to expose the composite within until the desired degree of aggregate (small stones or gravel in the concrete mix) is exposed. The floor is ground back using different grades of diamond stones. 2 to 3 cuts are normally required to achieve the desired finish.

During the grinding process we use the latest vacuum technology, which makes the procedure virtually dust-free.

Once a satisfactory finish is achieved, the floor is vacuumed and two coats of 2 pack water-based epoxy are applied with either a high gloss or satin finish.

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